Desperate Gardens

How to grow beautiful gardens

gardenGarden is one of the best thing you can have in your house. Taking care of a garden allow you to relax, to have fun and, if you like the idea to grown your own vegetables, to eat them!

A good garden always starts with a lawn. In the summer you can have barbecue outside and share it with friends and relatives. In the winter is amazing look at your snowy garden. The first step to have a nice garden is to choose the right type of grass depending on the place where you live. Once you have done it and you have a green garden, is the time to think about plants and, why not, about a vegetable garden.

Plants are the “artist’s touch” for your garden, as they can give it color. There are lots of plants you can have, as well as lots of flowers. If you would like to have even more, vegetable garden is “the” thing to take care of. You can grown almost every kind of vegetable you like, such as lettuce, peppers, courgettes and much more.

If you not have enough space to have your own garden (i.e. if you live in a flat) then not desperate, as you can always have a little garden inside your house: cactus and bonsai can be part of it. Cactus is the ideal choice if you would to have some plant in the house but prefer (fot whatever reason)  not to care of it daily. Bonsai, otherwise, is a plant which require love and daily care, especially in terms of watering.

The next step is easy: decide what you would like to have (and what you can have depending on the space) and start to grown your own garden.

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