Desperate Gardens

How to grow beautiful gardens

vegetablesGrow vegetables at home is one of the stimulating experience ever if you like plants. It is funny, relaxing and, above all, you can eat what you grew, nothing is more satisfying. Not all the vegetables are easy enough to be grown at home, so let’s have a look at what you can choose from.

Tomatoes. This is one of the easiest plant to grow. The only important thing needed is a support along which the plant can climb. Tomatoes are also so healthy to eat: full of vitamins and antioxidants, they can help you to add color and flavor to your dishes. Please keep in mind that this plant want lots of direct sun light.

Courgettes. Rich in potassium and manganese, courgettes can be cooked in many ways: boiled, fried, steamed and much more. They are “the” ingredient not to miss in your kitchen.

Spinach. Popeye loves spinach and you’d love them too! This plant is rich in iron and calcium, important both for those who are on diet and for vegetarians.

Peppers. Colored and tasty, peppers is very rich in vitamins, thiamine and manganese. It can be eaten both cooked and raw. This kind of plant prefer hot environments and need to be watered quite often.

Lettuce. It is the main ingredient in many types of salads. Can be eaten joined with other vegetables, such as carrots and tomatoes. Remember to water every day.

As you can see your garden can become a precious source of food. Is not impossible to grow your own vegetables and enjoy them. The only thing you need is constancy.

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