Desperate Gardens

How to grow beautiful gardens

lawnIf you have a house with enough space outside you can thing to have your own lawn: it is ideal to have a barbecue during summer months, to let your children play and also is a good place to keep a dog. Let’s see how to have a perfect lawn.

First of all seeds are needed, plus fertilizer, water, sun and lots of patience. There are about 10,000 species of grass but, among these, only 50 are suitable to create a lawn. Understanding the different characteristics of grass will help you to decide what type of seeds to buy. Generally speaking we can say that: for cooler climates the best choice is dark green grass, for warmer climates you can choose a “greener” grass, which is tougher and more durable than the dark green one and it appears as a thick dense carpet of grass, brownish during the winter and green in the spring.

You may also be surprised to see that there are also various types of plants you can choose from to put into your lawn but that cannot be considered grass, such as clover, ivy, dandelion, chickweed, violets and sorrel: those are are all plants that help the lawn to survive during drought periods.

Grass seed need to be planted on a well prepared site, with good soil and drainage, which produce a thin lawn in just a week. After two weeks the grass will not be much thicker but it will be higher. Now is the right time to give your grass a cut so it can grow more vigorously. After three weeks the lawn should be ready to be cut weekly.

Remember: patience and love for your garden are the secrets to have a beautiful lawn.

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