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BonsaiBonsai is a very special plant: is a sort of miniature of bigger plants. They could seems like toys, the truth is that they are live plants and like all other plants (well, to be fair, more than other plants) they need care.

The aesthetic sense of a bonsai is to recreate a miniature of the nature: indeed you can have flower plants and fruit plants, among the other. When you buy a bonsai remember that the best “house” for it is its own pot: no need to transplant or to make difficult jobs. Just care, lots of care. As a proof that the bonsai lives well in its own pot is given when fruit trees bloom and make fruit.

Bonsai needs light so is important to rotate the pot quite often so all sides can be “flooded with light” and can enjoy the beneficial effects of sunlight. Temperature in┬áthe house should never exceed 22 degrees or fall below 12 degress otherwise leaves could fall.

Weekly care for bonsay is requested (as said before) but not worries as is very easy: just remember to water it once every three day. During summer months (June, July and August) remember to do it once a day as soil dries in less time due to high temperatures). Also during summer days is very impotant to spray once a day water on the leaves, as the plant can stay fresh and stay shine.

Finally, consider that a bonsai generally can stay up to three years in the same pot, since the roots do not grow. When arrive that time you need to buy your bonsai a new “home”.

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