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cactusCactus are, out of doubt, some of the easiest plant to take care of. They can survive even if you should forgot to water them. Indeed you cannot water them every day otherwise they can die due to excessive watering.

Taking care of a cactus is, as said, quite simple and the only thing to remember is to water splitting the year in two parts: one during the cold months (from november until march), the other one during the hot months (from april until october). In the autumn and in the winter cactus do not require lots of water (they can also survive without a single drop), during spring and summer this plant loves occasional spray of water but pay attention not to exaggerate as too much water rots the roots. Cactus, in nature, store large quantity of waters into the stem, into roots and into leaves. This is a strategy that allow this plant to survive during drought periods.

About the best position in the house, put your cactus in a well-lit and airy area. Best is to put them in an area where is possible to look at them frequently, in order to observe every change and signal. Not worries about changing temperature between day and night as cactus can survive without any problem to temperature ranges of 50 degrees and more.

Depending on the variety, cactus fruits are edible (such as prickly pear) and have benefits on human health. Native american used to use cactus as syrups and beverage to heal different types of ills.

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